Microgrids bring a plethora of options when it comes to energy storage and distribution and thus, are known to be the future of power source. A microgrid is typically a local electric power system which operates in coherence to the traditional centralized electrical grid to and synchronously. We build high-engineered microgrid solutions that cater the electricity needs of colleges, data centers, factories, hospitals, military bases and communities as well.

What Makes Microgids a Propitious Option for All:

  • Operation in both island mode or grid-connected
  • Presentation to the Macrogrid as a single controlled entity
  • Combination of interconnected loads and co-located power generation sources
  • Promote clean energy and environment sustenance
  • Bolster cybersecurity
  • Improve economic value of society and ensure community wellbeing


At Optimum Solar Power, we are experts in manufacturing and customizing the watertight cables and tight flex in house. While deploying the best-in-class practices, we try to build futuristic devices that ensure long service life and hassle-free operational flow.


Data and research centers are always in need of huge amounts of energy and thus, look for smart and futuristic solar energy solutions that can cope with their increasing demands. Here we bring a range of technology-oriented devices for the Data Centers which, include:


UPS is a requisite for Data Centers when it comes to efficient system availability and sound operational performance. Being a neutral vendor, we have a wide product portfolio where you can find all the major trusted brands of the market. With an eye on the diverse demands of clients, we have a range of both new and pre-owned microgrid solutions that deliver supreme performance.


Power Distribution Units are pivotally used for controlling and monitoring electrical power of a data center. We typically design these devices to offer standard electrical outlets to the data center equipment and are highly important for ensuring safe and reliable Data Center operations.


Our product line of diesel generators/Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) offers an efficient and safe means of transferring power from the utility to generator source. Needless to say that Backup power is necessary for uninterrupted energy supply during the time of prolonged commercial outages. Considering the same, we offer high-engineered Diesel Generators/Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) of premium brands to our clients that are a great choice for critical applications that cannot tolerate any sort of unscheduled power failure.

We deliver phenomenal results to our global clientele base

Product quality is always a key consideration for us and thus, we build premier products that deliver supreme functionality and extended durability.