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We believe solar energy is the future power source and bring to you trendsetting, highly-engineered solar energy systems that will revolutionize the way you power your home. We have designed the products to deliver unparalleled performance, power, style and reliability that surpass the efficiency of a conventional home solar power system. Being extremely robust and durable, these systems feature advanced functionality to power your house in a cost-economical way. Thus, say ‘No’ to consumption of nonrenewable sources and promote a safer and healthier environment with Solar Energy devices. Residential Solar Installation Riverside.

Why Switch to Solar?

A Win-Win Solution for All

Solar energy devices bring to you endless benefits for homeowners and are undoubtedly a superior choice. Using these systems will greatly help you to secure the predictable electricity costs and store them for future consumption. It also allows you to save big on your electricity bill as well and thus, is a highly economical option. This potent energy source is believed to contribute less to carbon dioxide pollution compared to natural gas and coal and thus, prevents the level of carbon footprint. Furthermore, since it is a clean source of energy, it can be addressed to cater our unlimited energy wants without any damage to the environment.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing, home values raise an average of $20 for every $1 reduction in annual electric bills; hence the value of your home could increase an average of $60,000 to $80,000. As per the reports of the National Renewal Energy Laboratory, solar homes sell 20% faster and for 17% more money than the non-solar homes. Installing solar panels is a first step toward reducing the dependence on foreign energy sources in the United States as around 68% of which come from countries that have a high risk of political instability.

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Solar energy consumption helps you to take a step ahead to the ‘Go Green’ movement. It promotes sustainability, harmony and a sense of pride to make the world better for our future generation. While considering the extreme damage that we have done to our own planet, it’s the time we should focus on making serious efforts to restrict the use of energy damage and adopt the sustainable choices. Residential Solar Installation Riverside

Steps to GO SOLAR

We are here to help you right from the start of your endeavors to go SOLAR. The process begins with a quick consultation and then after, we prepare an agreement to ensure no place for any sort of hidden fees. We prepare the system design that caters all the energy needs of your home, install and activate it meticulously.

No more to depend on the power supply companies anymore as you have your own power source, which can help you to power your space in your own way. Make utmost and efficient use of solar power which, are great on costs and better for environment sustainability. Stay connected with us on Facebook.

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Get a Fast Quote

We have a solution to all your installation needs

Comprehensive Installation Options for You

rooftop solar panels


Solar panel devices mounted on the rooftop of both commercial and residential buildings.


Lightweight yet robust ground mounted systems for open land which are easily removable.

solar energy


Affordable solar power solutions that generate and store massive amount of energy to power your home and office.

residential solar panels on roof

Prompt Installation, Monitoring & Maintenance

We boast a highly trained and professional team that works dedicatedly to offer you prompt assistance in installing and operating them. With rich industry experience and great skills, we offer 24/7 monitoring of the solar power system and ensure that it performs at its best. They are always ready to help you to make optimum use of this incredible, functional, unlimited and reliable source of energy and save great on energy costs. Thus, stay assured, relaxed for the next 20 years about the power consumption of your house as we are here to offer you personalized support and free-of-cost maintenance.

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While considering the option of financing your residential solar panel system, you need to consider your individual needs on the basis of the most appropriate system along with the federal and local tax incentives and rebates available. The expenditure on solar equipment and installation has gone down over the last several years and thus, it has become a more affordable choice for homeowners. We equip our clients with a wide range of financing options here at Optimum Solar Power to ensure that at least one of them can fit your unique needs perfectly. A solar consultant will be there to assist you and help you understand the details of each plan to you personally. Here is a general overview of the plans we offer: Cash Purchases, Solar Loans and Solar Lease.


Our federal Government provides homeowners with a range of state and local level tax incentives, subsidies and billing options for taking a step towards SOLAR USE. Various rebate programs are being organized for purchasing and installing the solar energy devices as well that will undoubtedly prove to be a true ‘value-for-money’ proposition for you. Residential Solar Installation Riverside

We deliver phenomenal results to our global clientele base

Product quality is always a key consideration for us and thus, we build premier products that deliver supreme functionality and extended durability. Our residential solar panels are built to last.